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08/03/2017 3:10 pm  
Available Features  Android App iOS App
Stability while app is always in background Acceptable (Android 5.0+) for initial release Relatively less than Android. Continuous Improvement on-going.
Music Control of Any App Yes (+ advanced controls) Yes
Philips Hue Bulb Yes (very stable) Coming Soon
LifX Bulb Yes (Few stability issues). Improvements Ongoing Same as Android
Bose Soundtouch Yes Yes
In-App Tutorials Yes Yes
Phone Call & SMS Shortcuts Yes (call/ accept/ reject/ SMS) Only Call (rest disabled by Apple)
Over the air Firmware upgrade Available Available
Automotive – HUDWay App compatibility Yes Coming Soon
Automotive – Drivemode App Compatibility Yes Drivemode available on Android only
Selfie Mode Yes Yes
Browsing mode (cooking, etc..)
Disabled in Main mode. Available only in advanced Boot mode. 
This is due to constraint of newer iOS & Android versions blocking their on-screen keyboard assuming Bixi as a full keyboard.
Voice feedback via App while changing profiles Yes Yes
GoPro Yes Coming Soon
IFTTT Yes (basic version currently) Coming Soon
Instantly putting Bixi sensors on Pause (during pickup/in pocket/ etc..) Yes (in notification bar & bixi settings) Yes (inside Bixi App settings)
Users can send their Gestures Samples Yes Coming Soon
Enable the voice assistant "Ok Google" - Yes "Siri" - Coming Soon
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