Bixi can't hold on to connection  


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11/05/2017 7:50 am  

Hi Bixi support,

My Bixi is having problem maintaining its connection. In the app, it keeps on trying to reconnect to my BiXi after every 5 seconds.


Just to give some history, when I first got my Bixi, I connect it to my Android phone, the app identify my Bixi as 'BIXI-3589', music controls works fine, after that I connect the same Bixi to my iPad, and turn on the 'Browser' mode in the app, then my Bixi changed its name to 'BIXI_BROWSER' the app, browsing works fine in the iPad PowerPoint app.

After that when I tried to connect back to my Android phone, that's when things go keeps on disconnect and reconnect...

Any solution suggestions are most it possible to factory reset my BiXi? Thanks

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11/05/2017 8:51 am  


IOS is very powerful in connecting to BLE devices. 

So when coming back to Android, please forget the bixi completely from ios. Also forget fully on Android and connect freshly. 

Then the behavior will be stable on Android. 

If nothing works, there is a way to clean up the internal stored connection keys and reset fully. 

Like the 3 reset for power off (see user guide page), 7 times reset cleans up bixi and does a full reset. 



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