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  1. Orange LED blinks constantly and no gesture is being made

    1. Check if glass on Bixi is kept clean. It can withstand fingerprints though.

    2. Check if Bixi is placed under any around 20 cm or less.

  2. Orange LED lights up when am trying to do a gesture

    1. You are doing the gesture very fast

    2. You are doing an unknown gesture

    3. Hand is over working zone

  3. Red LED is glowing

    1. Battery is low, time to charge

  4. Green LED flickers

    1. Volume mode

  5. Blue LED flickers

    1. Waiting for swipe gestures

  6. Blue and red LEDs blink alternatively

    1. Firmware upgrade (OTA) mode

NOTE - If you face any other unusual LED indications, please reset Bxi by pressing the reset button once.


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