Bixi Ad Video shoot in Paris

Paris again! But this time, the attention of absolutely everyone in the room is directed to Bixi.

Loïc and I (Vijay) are here to witness and participate in the shooting of Bixi’s next video. Yes, the one that will be put on our crowdfunding page!

It’s such a fascinating experience to watch a professional crew filming: Little Big Man Productions is a video production company that was created by Vincent Vermandel, filmmaker and CEO. Their velocity in getting the spirit of our story and putting it into a visually-compelling shape is really impressive. What has impressed me the most was how Vincent has been able to nail down the GoPro use case so well and creatively: hats off to that!

So here we are, playing the founders’ role both behind the scenes and on stage, amidst a set of colorful backgrounds that will soon tell the story of Alex and Lisa: a couple who is pretty happy to have Bixi come in handy. Both actors are cheerful and expressive, which is why the team chose them in particular. Their understanding of Bixi is equally good – it took less than 5 minutes. X even showed us how easily he could use Bixi with just a wave of the thumb. 🙂

I have no doubts on the crew making a very nice job out of all this; of course it will take some time to cut and edit and finalize… but I’m impatient to see the final result!