CES 2016 Day #4-5-6

And rolling it keeps.

Many people have come to Booth #80540 already and although it is sometimes hard to collar journalists who also have a lot on their plates, the interaction among this sea of people is pretty great!

Some highlights of these last days:

– The sweetest cake that was offered to the team by friends before I left:


– Robin being so good at presenting Bixi that he was interviewed by JC Technology and put on YouTube. 😉

– While testing Bixi on the plane, I made the guy sitting next to me (whom I’d never met) really curious: he looked at me performing some gestures above Bixi to control my music and once he understood that it was a gesture recognition remote, he immediately went to the website to check about the product. Then said he wanted one. 🙂

Now this amazing event is coming to an end and even if that’s a bit sad, we will take all the positive energy and feedback we got back home to try and make Bixi even better!!

Tired but so happy!

Here are some really nice comments we’ve received from people around the web: