CES 2016 Las Vegas Arrival


– 500 hours of preparation

– 4 different booth layout tests

– 60 hours of sleep to catch up on (that’s a rough number)

– 15 hours of flying <> 9,000 km covered

– 3,5 km in corridors and entrances and corridors

– 9 hours of time-zone difference

– 1,388 journalists studied on the Unveiled Press List

– Many, many shiny crazy Vegas neon signs (no one counts them anymore)

– Almost as many coffees

– …

We now are at CES 2016!!


How to describe what the place looks like?

The first thing to know is that there are three show locations: Tech East, Tech West and Tech South. They’re disseminated in Las Vegas City over 8-10 roads… and the whole show is supposed to attract a rough 150,000 attendees over 4 days – on a total surface of 2.4 square feet of exhibit space. In a word: HUGE.

Bixi’s booth is at Tech West, in Eureka Park: ‘the flagship startup destination’ where booths like TechCrunch’s or Techstars’ are also present. And it so happens that we stand right in the middle of the French Tech delegation we belong to, so if you look for us… aim for the core of the pink rooster!

We’ll be delighted to meet you at booth #80540.

Around us and everywhere are people, high-tech innovations and an amazing amount of energy. What the whole place seems to say is: “Welcome to Vegas and Let the Show Begin!”