CES Preparation

Last lap to the CES... After hours spent on them, we are putting the final touch to our Bixis to make them ready for the big show!

Quentin is spending time to polish the Bixis’ outer look to make them feel as if you could buy one tomorrow…

Ashutosh and I have been working till the very end of the year.. and managed not only to make the features demo-worthy but also to add a cool new feature for gaming with Bixi: Temple Run!! This game play idea and implementation came at the very last moment when we thought almost all was ready for CES.. then we managed to pull that one in as well!

On this video we can see Ashutosh finishing off his remaining quota of 2015 craziness: lining up the 6 Bixis for CES and swiping over all of them at the same time… they are ready. 🙂