Nexus 5x Android 7.1.2  


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13/05/2017 6:36 pm  

Three issues I have found so far...


1 if I try and sign in to the Bixi app it presents me with an allow/deny screen but neither button is functional.

2 Bluetooth never says connected, always just Paired

3 If I go to change my default music player I only have the option of Google Play Music.

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13/05/2017 8:25 pm  

Issue 4.

Travel mode does nothing.  Literally I don't know if I can put it in travel mode...  I click on Travel mode in the notification and nothing changes.

If I try and use it it still sends signals to my phone.

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13/06/2017 8:47 am  

Hi Zwack,

Sorry for the late reply. We had some spam issues due to which your message got buried down.

Another backer reported issues on Android 7.1.2 and when he upgraded to Android O test version, he said bixi was working normally again. 

So, for him, it was an issue of Android version- 7.1.2. 

Please check bixi with a different Android version (6.0+) and let us know if the issue persists.

As for travel mode - yes, it is a bug on our side. We will fix it in the near future. Meanwhile you can use the 'Pause' mode gesture as detailed in our backer update. 


-Team bixi


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