Pressing Reset 5 times  


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30/04/2017 8:36 am  
  1. U said pressing reset button will go to presentation mode and when I tried, it seems to go into OTA Update Mode. Red and Blue lights blinking alternatively.

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01/05/2017 8:36 am  


The 5-reset to browse has now been replaced by OTA mode ( to force Bixi to OTA upgrade mode in case of issues). 

We will soon write a post on how to use Bixi for Desktops and use the browse features on phones/tablets. 

Meanwhile, if you wish to use it,  it is available on Android Bixi App. 

1. In Bixi Settings -> Enable 'Browse mode' -> Bixi will restart with a different name "BIXI_BROWSE"

2. Go to Android Bluetooth Setting -> Unpair old Bixi (Bixi_XXXX or Bixi_browse if its name is already changed)

3. From Bixi App, scan and connect to 'BIXI_BROWSE'. Left profile is for Browsing & Right profile is for Music.

4. To get back to Normal mode, go to Bixi Settings -> Disable 'Browse mode' -> Bixi will restart as normal Bixi. 

5. Repeat step 2 above

6. In android bluetooth settings, Click scan and connect to Bixi_XXXX. The android app will then auto-connect. 

If not, then scan from android app for a new bixi and connect back to Bixi_XXXX. 

Note: in "BIXI_BROWSE" mode, on some Android phones, the on-screen keyboard may not appear. 

To use "BIXI_BROWSE" on your PC/Mac , after Step 2 above, simply scan from PC/Mac bluetooth for Bixi and connect to it. 

Let us know if this is working well at your end. 




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