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Any good product needs passionate developers like you to take it to greatness. We have built Bixi to make gesture recognition usable by everyone in their daily lives and not just by geeks. We want to take this philosophy forward and equip you with the right APIs so that you can come up with some great use-cases to enhance the everyday life of the consumer, be it at home or outdoors. Bixi possesses nearly endless possibilities, waiting to be unlocked only by your imagination.  

Our SDK for Bixi will be out soon. Do get in touch with us at [email protected] for more information.

Meanwhile, here’s giving you an idea of what you can develop with Bixi

  • Put 2 Bixis together and make your own In-Air percussion instrument (MIDI)
  • Add Bixi to your existing in-Car HUD App to allow drivers to navigate it with no distraction.
  • Develop a new Game App around Bixi or make your existing Game compatible with Bixi (Temple Run is even more engaging with Bixi. Check it out here – YouTube)
  • Make Bixi a controller for your Virtual Reality headset

Bixi can integrate well with your Apps, but even better, it will have its own ‘Marketplace’ from where the user can discover and download new profiles. Publish your Use-case profile to Bixi Marketplace. This saves you the hassles of making stable connections via Bluetooth LE yourself and allows the end user to access all the awesome profiles within the unified Bixi App.

If you come up with your own great DIY project and want to share it with everyone, please send it to us via [email protected].

Looking forward to hearing some awesome stuff from you.

Team Bixi

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