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How many gestures are possible ?

7 gestures possible with Bixi.

How many profiles can be stored inside Bixi ?

2 profiles can be stored inside Bixi.

What is Bixi’s battery life ?

2 weeks on one single charge.

How does Bixi give feedback ?

Bixi gives visual and audio feedback. There is a pattern of LEDs which light up based on the action performed. 2 LEDs on left & right to show the current profile, while the sound prompts the current profile. An arrow fashion is used to indicate the swipes & navigation.

What is the working distance ?

The working range is limited between 3 cm to 20 cm (1 inches to 8 inches), except volume mode can up to 30 cm (12 inches).

How does it connect to my Phone or tablet ?

Using Bluetooth LE protocol

Is Bixi scratch-proof ?

The top of Bixi is made of Gorilla® Glass 4 , which is a scratch proof glass

Is Bixi waterproof ?

Bixi is only splash-proof.

What kind of gesture technology is behind Bixi ?

Bixi is based on Optical technology using next-generation sensors.

I want Bixi to work with my app. What do I do ?

The API of Bixi App will be released to developers who can make new use-cases to be integrated in the main Bixi App via ‘In-App’ Purchases. Sign up on the Developers page.

What are the available Bixi colors ?

Bixi will be available in 4-5 colors at the time of shipping.

Can I switch off Bixi ?

Bixi is an always-on device, but ‘Travel mode’ can disable the sensors to avoid false commands when carrying it around. Pressing reset button three times will switch off Bixi totally.
Travel mode setting: In notification bar, click “edit” to add Bixi app to widget, then there is ‘Travel Mode’ icon.

What are some examples of 2 relevant profiles stored on Bixi ?

As an example, you can be on your bike with Bixi on ‘Music’ &’GoPro’ profiles and control your songs and your GoPro with only gestures.

Other such examples are:
1. Music & Powerpoint presentation (office)
2. Reading & Philips Hue lighting control (home)
3. Navigation assistance & Music (on bike)
4. Music & Opening Garage door (In car)”

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