Bixi – Quick Start Guide

Getting started with Bixi

How do I turn Bixi On?

In-general Bixi is always ON, ready to be connected. When you receive your new Bixi, it is in OFF state. You can start Bixi by pressing once, the hidden ‘Reset’ button on the side (hidden behind the removable outer ring).


How do I turn OFF Bixi?

Press the reset button three times: Turn off Bixi, 3 LEDs will glow indicating successful command intake.


What if the Battery is down? How do I charge Bixi?

You can charge Bixi via the hidden micro-USB cable behind the removable outer ring.

Note: When the Battery is Low, the Center Red LED will start glowing, indicating that it is time to charge Bixi.

How long does it take to charge Bixi’s battery?

Bixi’s battery takes about 1-2 hours to fully charge based on the cable and source that you use. Charging via a PC is usually slower than a wall-charger. A White LED will show charging condition and once it is OFF, it means bixi is fully charged.


NOTE: Please do ensure that the glass on Bixi is kept clean. It can withstand fingerprints though.

Connecting Bixi to Bixi App


Open the App, scan for Bixi and connect to it as below.

App Icons Help –

Changing Profiles

2 Profiles are present in Bixi and by default, both Profiles are set to Music on a New Bixi. Click on the Music Profile icon to open the list of other Profiles. Simply Select the Profile that you wish and click ‘Sync’ to save the changes to Bixi Device.

How to use Bixi ?

Bringing your hand in front of Bixi (upto 20 cms) is the first step to activate Bixi for any gesture.

Important: All gestures start when the hand is in front of Bixi and end when the hand has gone out of its Sensing zone as shown above.


Visit Learn gestures to know more
Left/ Right / Downward/ Upward

Bring your hand in front of bixi as a starting point (Blue LED in the center will glow) and from there move in either Left / Right/ forward or backwards direction. Based on profile each direction has an action ( see table below).  Based on the action, the LEDs will glow.

Raise/Lower Hand

To increase decrease volume/ change intensity of light or zoom-in & out of pages, Bring your hand in front of bixi , keep it stable for a second ( a Green LED at the center will appear) then raise your hand up (increase volume,..) or lower (decrease). Remove your Hand horizontally after fixing a position.

Double Tap to Switch Profiles

If you are in one Profile (say Music) and want to switch to 2nd profile that you configured – say lights,

Bring your hand in front of Bixi & make a Tap-gesture.

First Tap will show you current profile (left or right profile as chosen in App) and next Tap will switch the profile.

Left moving LEDs indicate that the current chosen profile is Left Profile as configured in the App and Right moving LEDs indicate Right Profile.

Refer to the video example below for a demo

(Note: single tap has been removed and mapped to double-tap)  


What are the gestures on Bixi ?

Below is the Gesture Mapping Quick Guide for Bixi. Refer to the video example above (some gestures have been updated since making of above video. New video will be put soon).

Avoiding False gestures

In notification bar, click “edit” to add Bixi app to widget, then there is ‘Travel Mode’ icon. Clicking on it, disables the sensors so that you can pick up the bixi and carry it around without it generating unwanted commands.

Clicking on ‘Travel mode’ icon again re-enables the sensors.

Setting up your Devices (Bulbs,etc.)

Visit https://bixi.io/device-setup to know more.

Upgrading Bixi over-the-air (OTA)

The firmware inside Bixi can be upgraded over-the-air via the Bixi App. Here’s the procedure –


Center LED indication

Blue: Waiting for swipe gestures
Green: Volume mode
Orange/ Yellow: Too fast or unknown gesture / hand still over working zone
Red: Low battery
Blue and red alternate: Firmware upgrade (OTA) mode

If you face any other unusual LED indications, please reset Bixi by pressing the reset button once.


Multi-function Reset button

    1. Press once: Reset Bixi
    2. Press five times: Get into Browsing/Powerpoint mode (left profile) + music mode (right profile). Reset Bixi to exit this mode. 5 LEDs will glow indicating successful command intake.












Bixi does not connect to Bixi-App on my smartphone, computer or tablet. Why?

Please check that the following conditions are met –

  • Your device should have iOS v8.0( or greater) or Android v4.4(or greater) with support for Bluetooth LE.
  • Bluetooth should be activated
  • Bixi is not already paired to another device. In that case, first un-pair Bixi or switch-off bluetooth of that device.
  • There is enough battery. Try to reset Bixi once and see if the LEDs glow. If so, there is enough battery and you should see it in your Bluetooth scan.